Day 1 (21 Oct 2013): Tashkent
The trip starts in the Uzbek capital Tashkent. Flights are available through a number of gateway cities including Bangkok, Seoul, Beijing, and Moscow. Uzbekistan Airways fly to a number of destinations in Europe as well as New York in the US. We will start with a group meeting in the evening and our first dinner together. Meals: D
Day 2: Transfer & Cycle Tuzkan Lake 40km
In the morning drive to a point outside Tashkent and then mount up the unicycles for the first ride. Today’s ride is 40km along a dirt road along the Pistalitau Ridge and windy shore of Tuzkan Lake. The locality has a low population, mainly inhabited only by fishermen and shepherds. We will camp on the shore of the lake in tents. Tuzkan Lake which has an interesting history as it was created unintentionally in 1969 when a Soviet built dam in Kazikstan overflowed and flooded the nearby lowland salt pans. The camping setup will include tents and sleeping mats. We will have a cook and kitchen to prepare our meals which will be eating in our dining tent. There will be a toilet tent in each location. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and if you prefer a self inflating sleeping mat you must bring your own. There will be no electricity at the camp sights. Meals: BLD
Day 3: Cycle to Ortacheku Rocks 40km
After breakfast we cross the Pistalitau Ridge along mountain trails, through a low pass. In some places you may have to carry your unicycles. From the pass there is a magnificent view of the valley and the beginning of a dirt road. After crossing the valley we ride on a sealed road to lunch. Then it’s back on the dirt to the town of Bajram which sits under the Ortacheku Rocks. We camp at the Rocks. Meals: BLD
Day 4: Cycle to Hayat Village 40km
Today we follow the Nuratau Ridge on our way to picturesque Hayat Village. 25km of today’s ride will be on sealed roads. For the next two nights we will be lucky to experience staying with local families in the village. Two to six people will be billeted with a family and you will sleep on traditional floor mattresses and eat food prepared by the family. Meals: BLD
Day 5: Rest Day in Hayat Village
A day for the rest, walking in the area, enjoying the green gorge of Hayat or visiting the homes of the locals. Meals: BLD
Day 6: Cycle to Sob Gorge 65km
We say farewell to our hosts and ride from Hayat Village along Nurata Ridge to the wonderful gorge of Sob. The road goes by Sentyabsay Canyon leading to the Canyon of Sob. 40km of today’s ride will be on unsealed road. Tonight we are back in tents camping. Meals: BLD
Day 7: Cycle to Fazilman Lake & Aktash Village 55km
Today is the most challenging of the tour with lots of climbing. Departing from the gorge at 650m elevation you will ascend along a rocky path to the pass under the gaze of the majestic Gaukum Peak (1516m). While cycling up you will have a beautiful panorama of the village Sentyabsay, the top of Nuratau Ridge and in the distance Aydarkul Lake. After the steep descent from the pass the path will lead to the vast southern hills slopes of Nuratau Ridge. Then we ride up to Fazilman Lake (1640m), a beautiful gem sitting in the mountain plateau. Here you can relax, have lunch and then we continue the ride downhill to the Aktash village area where we will camp for the last time of the tour. Meals: BLD
Day 8: Cycle 64km & transfer to Bukhara
Setting out on an interesting dirt road between huge boulders turned by water and wind into prehistoric sculptures lying on the green mountain fields. In the valleys between the huge stones interesting houses of the local residents hide. We pass villages on the way Galyandzhik, Urganchy (31 km) Lunch. The road gets sandy at times and leads us finally to the village of Chuya where the big bus will be waiting for us to drive us to Bukhara via Nurata town. After many days of camping and homestead you’ll be happy to be staying in a hotel. Meals: BLD
Day 9: Rest Day & Sightseeing in Bukhara
Bukhara has been an important city for more than 2000 years politically, culturally and spiritually. The centre of numerous empires as well as home of many famous cultural icons of the region. The city is beautifully preserved and makes for a great day out exploring the medrassas, fortress and the old market complex. For those who want a guided tour we will provide a half day exploration of the most important sights and leave the other half of the day free to enjoy on your own. Meals: B
Day 10: Cycle & Transfer to Shakhrisabz
It is a total of 290km along a sealed road to Shakhrisabz. We will work out an appropriate time to ride and then transfer the remainder so that there is time to do a little sightseeing in the birthplace of Timur (born 1336). Meals: B
Day 11: Cycle & Transfer to Samarkand
We will set out in the morning again cycling and ride an appropriate amount of time to allow us to then transfer to Samarkand in time for lunch. Samarkand is one of the oldest existing cities in the world, known from at least the middle of the first millennium BC. It has been a powerful political centre and still today is the second largest city in Uzbekistan. In the afternoon there will be time for sightseeing in this ancient and well preserved city. Meals BLD
Day 12 (1 Nov 2013): End of tour
The tour ends after breakfast. There will be a morning transfer to Tashkent Airport (270km, 4-5 hours) for those flying out today or you are free to stay on in the amazing city of Samarkand. Meals: L