Day 8: Cycle (25km) and transfer to Bukhara

Today was the final day of off-road riding, but it wasn’t any easier.  We had a strong headwind in the final push along a grassy plain, but eventually made it to the main road.

When we arrived at the local village, we were surrounded by many locals and kids who seemed to delight in having such a large of group of people turn up in town riding on one wheel.  The more enthusiastic members of our group kept kids entertained while we waited for our bus.  We bade farewell to our off-road support crew, Maxim, Sergei x2, Nicolai and the rest of the team.  We welcomed Dilshot on board, our city guide who was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.

Our bus transfer took us to Bukhara, an ancient city which played an important role as mid-point of the Silk Road.  After a quick shower we were off to dinner and explore Bukhara Old Town.