Day 7: SOB to Aktash Village 35km

We woke up to find snow on the mountain, all the way down to our campsite.   The dew had set on our unicycles overnight and frozen, which probably protected them from corrosion!

This was our hardest riding day, as the first 10km was essentially straight up the mountain on rough track.  Those with enough energy rode parts of the climb, but the most part, it was a slow hike up the mountain.  The fresh powdery snow got thicker as we headed up the mountain, but it warmed up as the sun rose overhead.  By the time we reached the summit, we had climbed from 600m to 1690m, the highest point of the tour.  We waited for our support vehicle carrying our food, but due to the condition of the trail, it was stuck halfway down the mountain.

Disappointed and with rumbly tummies, we continued down the mountain.   By this stage the support vehicles had become unstuck and made it over the pass, so caught up with us and we had lunch in the snow.

It was a fun descent after this, with most of our riders never having ridden in snow before, as we descended below the snow line.  We arrived at a wonderfully located campsite with our tents set up in a cute little circle, hungry and ready for dinner!