Day 6: Cycle to SOB Gorge 33km

We cycled out of Hayat village and onto a wide open plain.  It was another crisp morning- the temperature in Uzbekistan drops rapidly in October, and today we were also being chased by a rain cloud.  It finally caught up to us at lunchtime.  As the bitterly cold drops  of rain fell, we huddled up into our support vehicle whilst our crew found a place for lunch.  We were welcomed into a nice warm room at one of the few houses in the area, and the feeding frenzy began until we were sated.

Luckily the rain had cleared by the time we resumed the ride, but the bitterly cold temperature remained.  We cycled through several more villages, with the group spreading out and half of us wondering if we were lost.  Finally we reached SOB gorge, little spot at the base of our biggest climb of the tour.  It was a beautiful location, although the cold weather meant we had little time to appreciate this as we huddled into the dining tent watching Roger rebuild his wheel.