Day 11: Shahkrisabz to Samarkand 30km

Our  final day of riding took us out Shahkrisabz through some backroads in the countryside. Whilst not as picturesque as  the amazing scenery we encountered at the start of the tour, it showed us what Uzbekistan is like where people live.  We passed a few cotton fields, the main agricultural export of the country.  The  roads were still very rough, but the towns friendly.  We were again surrounded by many locals every time we stopped.

As with yesterday, the distance to Samarkand was too extensive to ride, so after a few hours, we got on the support bus and transferred the rest of the way to Samarkand, the final destination of our unitour.

Samarkand is one of the ancient treasures of Uzbekistan.  We were impressed by the many old buildings, from the imposing Madrasahs of Registan Square, to the Mausoleum of Amir Temur.  We also visited the observatory of Ulugh Beg, grandson of Temur and subsequent ruler who also made huge contributions to astronomy.