Day 10: Bukhara to Shahkrisabz 30km

We cycle through the busy streets out of Bukhara.  We made it onto a newly opened (and only partly used motorway), although the condition of the road was still fairly challenging.  Roger and Ken disappear up the road revving up their unicycles as fast as they could pedal.    It was not possible, however, to cover the entire distance to Shahkrisabz, so after a few solid hours of riding, the group got in the support bus and transferred the rest of the way.

Shahkrisabz is the birthplace of Amir Temur, founder of the Timurid dynasty which conquered much of central Asia in the 14th century.  We visit the remains of Ak Sarai, or ‘white palace’, which, at the height of the Temur reign, stood over 70m high.  After being destroyed by succeeding empires, the ruined gateway was all that remained, but still a formidable sight.