What is Unistan?
Unistan is an organised Unicycle Tour of Uzbekistan

When is it?
21 Oct 2013 to 1 Nov 2013

Who can take part?
Open to any unicyclist (and bicyclists at the discretion of the organisers). We’re particularly keen to have people on non-conventional vehicles- recumbents, Penny Farthings etc.

How fit do I have to be to take part?
We will be averaging 50km per day. On average, most unicyclists should be capable of riding at a 15km/hr pace. The average speed tends to be slower because of rest stops, photo-opportunities etc.
It’s not a race, but the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy it.
We normally set up rest stops every hour or so, for people to fill up camelbaks and have a snack.  There are also support vehicles that people can use if they get sick or injured.

Have there been similar tours?
Adventure Unicyclist and Grasshopper Adventures have been organising Unitours since 2006. This will be our 7th Unitour. Previous tours have included Laos, New Zealand, Vietnam, India, Mongolia and China.

How do I join the tour?
Contact us via the contact form